Girls Volleyball

Dedication and Determination!

The Coatimundi girls volleyball team is back in action for the fall season of 2021!The girls have been working hard to learn the game, as many are first year players, “My mom encouraged me to join the volleyball team”, said sixth-grader Jordyn Octavio-Callejo, who’s eighth grade sister is also on the team. 

The girls have been learning important skills that they can apply both on and off the court, “We have been working on things like communication and playing as a team, and working really hard!” said seventh-grader Polette Duran. 

Eighth-grader Krystina Zepeda says that her motivation comes from the spectators in the stands, “I played in sixth grade and now in eighth grade. I love that when we have games and my friends and family come and cheer me on. I get so excited about that!”

The girls can also be seen outside of designated practice time on Coatimundi’s sand volleyball court, “The volleyball team has worked tirelessly to improve their volleyball skills this fall.  You can find the girls practicing on weekends, during recess, and after games. It has been impressive to watch them transform into volleyball athletes”, said Coatimundi Middle School’s Assistant Principal and Athletic Director Toni Ann Schadler. This extra time on the court has really paid off, as the girls A, B, & C teams all came home with wins on September 9th against Altar Valley Middle School. 

The home game on Monday, September 12th was played against Sahuarita Middle School. The gym had cheering spectators of parents and siblings of the players from both teams. The Coatimundi girls’ team represented CTMS and the Rio Rico community well by showing outstanding teamwork, positive attitudes, and support for one another.

Julianne West