Barbecue Brings Students and Staff Together

Celebrating growth with an all school barbecue
Posted on 03/18/2022

Students at Coatimundi were rewarded with their hard work and dedication on Friday, February 4th, with an all-school barbecue. In addition to celebrating growth on their winter MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) test, the school also came together to deepen relationships, make new friends, and most of all--have fun.

Coatimundi Middle School students and staff celebrated by enjoying grilled hotdogs and hamburgers. Staff members led outdoor activities, board games, music, and even showed the movie, “Encanto”. The day’s activities took place during the lunch periods, with all students eating and participating in games together. 

When asked about the best part of the celebration, students all appreciated different aspects of the day, “I liked the whole day a lot. I played basketball and the food was really good. The best part was we all got icees too at the end.” says eighth-grader Crystal Garrett. Hayden Michel spent the afternoon outside playing badminton and tag with his friends, “Badminton was a lot of fun! The day was kind of cold and windy which made it more of a challenge. My friends and I also thought the burgers were delicious. I had mine with all the fixings.” 

Plans for another barbecue and celebration are already in the works. “Our plan is to encourage the students to work hard, be at school and on time everyday, and try their best on the spring state test. We want to reward their hard work and have more fun days like today.” The feeling that day was infectious, no matter where you looked everybody was having a great time and enjoying each other’s company in a way far different from routine.