Art Students Shine at The Santa Cruz County Fair

Art Students Shine
Posted on 10/19/2023

CtMS Art Students Shine at The Santa Cruz County Fair

By Uma Gupta

CtMS art students participated in the Santa Cruz County Fair held at Sonoita Fairgrounds from September 15 through 17. Art works from various schools were on display during the event and it provided students with a chance to showcase their creative abilities and foster a sense of artistic expression. CtMS advanced art students won first place for their artwork themed  “The Wild West”. Creating an artwork inspired by “The Wild West” was an unique and captivating experience for the students.

Participating in an art exhibition provides students an opportunity to interact and learn from each other. Each artwork represents a unique perspective and exposure to a diverse range of artistic styles helps students develop appreciation for different forms of expression. Student Mia De La Rosa shared, “ I loved the experience of working with other students on a group project and how it came together and we won the trophy for the amazing work. I would love to work on such projects again in the future.” According to Mia Ahumada, “ I enjoy being in the Advanced art class and working with other artists because we are alike in how we think as artists but also different with our unique art styles.” 

According to Mr. Mcllrath, "I am impressed! These kids worked really hard on the project. From conception to completion, I couldn't be more proud of our students. They were given a challenge, a specific theme from the county, "The Wild West," and they definitely ran with it. Sure, there were challenges as in any group project but, they knew they had a deadline to meet. So at victory's end, I am just very happy and excited for them. They earned that trophy."

Winning first prize at the county fair for their art work is a great achievement for the students and helped increase their appreciation for each other and the work they do in the advanced art class.