Enrichment and Intervention Opportunities

Enrichment and Intervention Opportunities at CtMS
Posted on 12/23/2022

CtMS has always provided intervention opportunities for students after school in Math, Science and ELA but this year, the school decided to add enrichment activities. CtMS teachers have been instrumental in providing fun and educational opportunities such as Anime club, Arts Club, Band, Technolochicas, AgScience, and Chess in addition to interventions in Math and ELA. 

Students identified as needing extra support are provided learning and intervention opportunities to help them become proficient on Math, & ELA standards. The small group and one on one tutoring have benefited many of the students. Those attending  have shown improvement in motivation, classroom involvement and learning. 

Enrichment clubs and activities have helped students further develop and explore career opportunities in diverse fields such agriculture science, anime, arts and band. Students have also been able to engage in learning experiences through field trips, participation in exhibitions, and other out-of-school events. These types of enrichment activities and programs have helped  increase student participation in the afterschool program.  

One popular club is the Anime club.  According to Mr. Kingsford, “Anime is a really popular media now. It can be difficult to get access to watch it in some homes, and I want to provide a safe place where we can enjoy anime. Just like any media, there is good and positive media, alongside bad and negative media; having this opportunity at school allows for an easier way to introduce the good that is available in the world to my students here at Coatimundi.”

Anime student Emiliano De La Torre commented, “I like anime club because I get to watch anime I haven't watched. Also it's practically for free since you [normally] have to pay just to watch.” Javier Ibarra Roman likes anime club because the shows gave him ideas for his drawings, the anime allows him to explore career in animation development. 

According to Paola Martinez,” Chess club has helped her focus on school and helped her think better. She has improved in the game of chess by being part of this club.”

Hannah, who is part of the Technolochicas club enjoys the afterschool club activities. According to her, this club will help her learn skills that may help her achieve her goals in the future.

The variety of after school activities has increased student involvement because of the  variety and helped students discover their interests and further their education and career in these diverse fields.

by Ms. Gupta