We know you'll have questions from time to time. We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions, so you can find your answers any time of the day or night. However, if you can't find the answer you need on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us during office hours. We want to help!

My child is ill and should stay home from school. What do I need to do to excuse the absence?

Please contact our office by 10:00 a.m. to notify us of the reason for your child's absence. For the safety and protection of our students, we will contact you if your child is absent and we have not received notice.

Regular attendance is essential to school success; however, we know that there are times a child must miss school due to illness or other unique circumstances. We require written notice and prior approval for long term absences in situations where it is absolutely necessary. Our administration strongly discourages taking vacations during school time.

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My child has been absent from school and will need to make-up his/her work. What is the procedure for obtaining the missed work?

We require the student to take responsibility for asking teachers for make-up work for excused absences that are less than three days or for excused absences due to a school sponsored event. If a student has been absent for three days or more, we will permit a request for homework to be phoned in. You will be able to pick up the assignments at the end of the school day. We require that the student make up the work within the number of days the student was absent, plus one day.

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Does Coatimundi Middle School enforce a dress code?

We expect our students to be dressed appropriately, in uniform for school. If your child does not adhere to our guidelines, we will contact you to bring in correct attire. We follow the following guidelines:

  • We require all students to wear khaki colored bottoms and red or black collared tops.
  • We require our students to tuck in their shirts and to wear a brown or black belt unless the bottoms have an elastic waist band.
  • We require that students wear undershirts, sweat shirts, and jackets in red, black, white, or khaki.
  • We require that students wear properly fitting clothing that is no more than two sizes larger than their body.
  • We do not permit students to wear frayed clothing, hats, caps, or any other head covering while on school grounds.
  • We do not allow students to wear clothing, jewelry, or accessories which could pose a threat to the physical well-being and safety of the students or which is disruptive and distracting to the educational process.
  • During the Eighth Grade Transition Assembly, we only permit students to wear their school uniform for the ceremony. There are no exceptions.

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My child must take medication during school hours. What is the procedure to set this up?

We require the student's parent/guardian and the prescribing physician to complete and sign the medical authorization form. You may obtain a copy of the medical form under the parent quick links found on the Home page, or you may pick one up the school health office.

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What is Homebase/SSR?

We have implemented a highly effective and productive program which is mandatory for all of our students. Homebase is a 30 minute period where the students engage in “silent sustained reading.” This program is well researched with proven, positive results.

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How often will I receive progress reports and report cards?

We issue progress reports approximately five weeks into each nine week grading period, and we mail home report cards at the end of each nine week period. We require parents to pick up their child's report card during parent/teacher conference at the end of first quarter.

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What is the student ID card needed for? What if my child loses or misplaces his/her card?

Safety and security on campus is a big priority for us. We issue all students an ID card and lanyard, which all students must wear while on school grounds. Our students must have their ID card to access the library and the cafeteria as well as for admission into extracurricular activities on campus. We request that students who have lost their card report to the office for a replacement, so that they will not be denied access to the library or cafeteria. We charge a $3.00 replacement fee for cards and $2.00 for lanyards.

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Is my child permitted to have visitors on campus?

We do not allow students to have visitors (friends or family) with them on campus at any time during the day or for special activities. Adult/parent visitors must be pre-approved by the principal. We enforce this policy to minimize distractions to the educational process. There are no exceptions.

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How much do school lunches cost?

The school provides a free hot breakfast and lunch. You may view our menus on the district Food Services page.

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