Coatimundi’s Bond Project Update

Coatimundi’s Bond Project Update
Posted on 11/29/2021

Thanks to the support of our community, Coatimundi Middle School continues to make improvements to the campus to improve both functionality as well as student enjoyment. One of the largest improvement projects recently completed was the courtyard remodel. The completed project boasts artificial grass, a variety of outdoor seating areas, as well as lighting for evening events. Teachers have also been able to utilize the space for instruction, as there are power outlets available for students and teachers to use technology. 

“I like that we have a place to sit before school other than in the cafeteria. It is also a nice place to read during SSR time.” said sixth-grader Manny Otero.

Seventh-grader Lindsay Lerma appreciates the flexibility the courtyard provides, “Sometimes the teachers take us out there to do our group presentations. I really like that because it changes things up in class.” 

Another large project recently completed was the remodel of the cafeteria’s kitchen. The new kitchen allows for more space for the kitchen staff to prepare lunches, as well as a more efficient serving process. Kitchen supervisor Denise Soto is thrilled with the results, “We appreciate the amount of workspace. Now that it has been expanded we have so much more space to work. We also now have air conditioning and updated lighting. The floors are also slip-resistant and they are just incredible!” 

Students and staff alike are enjoying the benefits of the completed projects, which will be enjoyed for years to come. Another example of how Santa Cruz Valley #35 is putting your bond dollars to work for the students and our community! 


Coatimundi’s Bond Project Update

By: Julianne West