Teachers & Staff

Our Standards

  • Student achievement and accountability
  • High quality staff
  • School climate
  • Community involvement

We celebrate and treasure our teachers and staff for their dedication and determination to help our students “successfully learn every day.” Our amazing team is committed to educating and advocating for our students.  

 We believe that communication is a key factor to success in education. Our teachers and staff are happy to talk with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you believe your child is having difficulty or if you have other questions or concerns. We are here to help!

Main Office: (520) 375-8300

Office Personnel 

Mrs. Jennifer Fischer Instructional Coach/ 

Gifted Class

(520) 375-8313/8314

Room B3

Ms. Rosemary Valdez Secretary

(520) 375-8301

Mrs. Alice Paco Senior Office Assistant 

(520) 375-8300

 Mrs. Prima Quintero Attendance Clerk


Mrs. Toni Reyes Library and Tech


Mrs. Alejandra Ceballos Health Aide


Mrs. Lizette Monge



Mrs. Yara Sanchez

Parent Liaison



Security Guards

Mr. Roger Brambila 

(520)375-8312 Rm F2

 Mr.Jaime Teso

(520)375-8312 Rm F2


cabrera and schadler pictured together


Ms. Rebekah Cabrera
(520) 375-8302
Ms. Toni Schadler
Assistant to the Principal 
(520) 375-8803



8th grade Social Studies  Rm K1

Mrs. Ruchi Chhabra            8th grade Language Arts/Cambridge Language Arts Rm K2

 Mr. Jonathan Cadena
8th Grade Cambridge Science/ Science Rm K3
Mrs. Renee Curren           
8th Grade Language Arts/
Social Studies Rm K4
 Ms. Christina Williams
7th grade/8th Grade Math    Rm K6
 Mrs. Tonya Yanez 

8th Grade Resource MA

Rm K7


Mrs. Lynsey Lampkins
8th/ 7th grade Science 

Room K9

 Ms. Jennifer Huerta

8th Grade Math Rm K10

Mr.Zane Russell

7th Grade Social Studies

Rm E3

Mrs. Herrera Veronica

7th Grade Social Studies/ Language Arts Rm E4

 Mr. David Kingsford 

7th Grade Science Rm D6

 Ms. Wendy Noriega

7th Grade Math/Cambridge Math

Rm D7
 Mrs. Beth Vartola

7th Grade Language Arts/Cambridge language Arts

Rm D9
Mrs.Uma Gupta

6th grade Math/Science

Rm D1

6th Grade Math/Cambridge Math

Room D2


 Mr. Ajay Pacharne

6th Grade Language Arts

Rm D3

 Ms Maritza Olivas

6th Grade Social Studies/Language Arts 

Room D4


 Ms. Pallavi Patel

6th Grade Social Studies

Room D5

 Mrs. Mary Beach

6th Grade Science

Room C3

Mrs. Ruby Colgrove 

6th Grade Resource MA

Room C2

Mrs. Emma Alcaraz

Computer/Edgenuity Rm E2

Mr. Rico Quiroz

Edgenuity Rm E1


 Mr. Jose Bernal 

Edgenuity Rm E2

Ms. Rohnda Kridler 


Ms. Mary Kotnour

Health Class Rm K8


Mr. Tom Mcilrath

Art Class Rm F1

Ms. Lauren O'Donnell

Band Rm MPR

Mrs. Lizette Arellano