Our School

Bricks and mortar make a building. A caring staff, a student body intent on receiving a quality education, a supportive parent and community base, a solid curriculum, and an incredible learning environment make a professional learning community. Combine these elements of building and community and you get Coatimundi Middle School!

Coatimundi Middle School is one of five schools in the Santa Cruz Valley Unified School District No. 35. We believe that everyone will experience successful learning every day. To execute our mission and vision effectively, we offer a variety of programs designed to enhance each student's learning capability academically, physically, socially, and artistically.


To achieve our academic goals, Coatimundi offers block class scheduling. Classes are 82 minutes long. This allows teachers to accelerate the pace of the content being taught and students to take fewer core academic classes at once. Students are able to more intensely focus on fewer subjects at a single time. All students participate daily in 30 minutes of Silent Sustained Reading “SSR.” We also provide advanced courses and a gifted program. For students with special needs requiring a helping hand, we have an on-site literacy coach, parent liaison, tutorial and enrichment classes, and a special education program.

New Possibilities

Educating the total child is important to producing confident, competent individuals. We believe students should be given the opportunity to explore new possibilities and develop talents. Our award-winning band and intramural athletics program are perfect conduits for developing leadership, talents, and social and team-building skills. We also provide opportunities for leadership and social development through participation in student council, NJHS, and other clubs. Here at Coatimundi we have something to suit nearly everybody's interests, including art, technology, and yearbook classes.


The administration and staff share the common goal of student achievement. To ensure we accomplish this goal, we have made many cultural shifts to make certain that everyone in our professional learning community has an impact and actively participates in guiding our students to achieve. We have shifted from isolation in the classrooms to collaboration; from individual teachers attempting to discover ways to improve results to collaborative teams of teachers examining data and making decisions based on their findings.

Working together as a unified community, we can open the doors to opportunity and make a difference in the lives of the rising generation.

Fast Fact

Arizona A+ School of Excellence
Mascot: Cavaliers
Colors: Red, Black, Gold
Enrollment: 397

School Times

Our school day begins at 7:35 a.m. with a warning bell at 7:25 a.m. Our school day ends at 2:50 p.m. We ask that you do not drop your child off at school prior to 7:20 a.m. due to limited adult supervision before 7:20 a.m. Students who are not enrolled in a sport or the after school program cannot remain on campus after 2:50 p.m. If they would like to attend an after school activity, they must leave campus and return at the start time of the event.

Regular Bell Schedule


1st Period


2nd Period


3rd Period


4th Period


5th Period


6th Period


7th Period


8th Period

Dismissal at 2:50 p.m.


Early Release Schedule


1st Period


2nd Period


6th Period


7th Period


3rd Period


4th Period


5th Period


6th Period

Dismissal at 12:35 p.m.