We have something to suit the interests of nearly every student. Come get involved in the fun as you make new friends and learn new skills.


Middle school is an excellent time to try out a new sport, learn to play as a team member, develop good sportsmanship, and practice athletic skills. Our intramural sports program provides the opportunity for you to compete in a fun, yet challenging athletic environment. Prepare now for the next level of high school sports.


The Cavalier band is a high-energy group of motivated students who have committed to being their personal best to benefit the group. Band is open to all students in sixth through eighth grades. For questions, please contact Ms. Cadena.

Cambridge International Program

The Cambridge International Program is an advanced program for subjects including English, mathematics, and science. It emphasizes higher-order thinking and strategies, hands-on learning, and project-based learning. The program's goals aim to develop learners who are:

  • Confident in working with information and ideas of their own and those of others.
  • Responsible for themselves, responsible to others, and respectful.
  • Innovative and equipped for new and future challenges.
  • Engaged intellectually, socially, and ready to make a difference.


We live in a technology dependent world. Pick up the skills needed for survival in this ever-changing technological environment, or meet others with interests and talents in the limitless world of computers.


The National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) is a service-oriented club. Eligibility is based on GPA. Students are selected for membership based on a combination of factors including scholastic eligibility, accomplishments in the areas of service and leadership, faculty recommendation, and character.

Technolochicas Lift

Technolochias Lift NewsTelevisa Foundation´s Technolochicas Lift program for middle school girls has launched in Arizona in partnership with LULAC.

The Televisa Foundation (TF) and the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) have collaborated to expand the Technolochicas (TC) Lift program in the state of Arizona through the support of the Intel Foundation. Through the Lift program, middle school girls (ages 11-14) are equipped with the technological skills they need to succeed in the technology-focused workforce of today and tomorrow.

Latinas occupied only two percent of jobs in the computing workforce in 2016. Qualified, diverse talent is needed to fill an estimated 1.1 million computing-related job openings expected by 2024, and Latinas represent a vastly untapped talent pool.

"Women and underrepresented minorities have not had sufficient access to opportunities that would allow them to enter and succeed in computer science, Technolochicas Lift seeks to redefine this narrative" said Alicia Lebrija, President of Televisa Foundation.

With this in mind, TF and LULAC awarded 15 schools and/or non-profits in Nogales, Tucson, and Phoenix. Award recipients will now have the opportunity to introduce underserved middle school girls to computer science through hands-on experiences and an engaging TC Lift curriculum.

TC Lift Arizona is made possible through the support of INTEL.

About Televisa Foundation
The Televisa Foundation's mission is to help propel Latino children and youth through innovative education and culture programs by becoming a national champion of Latino education and culture addressing key issues through innovative solutions and acting within broad networks of partners. Visit the Televia Foundation website, and visit the Technolochicas website for more information.

The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) is the nation's largest and oldest civil rights volunteer-based organization that empowers Hispanic Americans and builds strong Latino communities. Headquartered in Washington, D.C. with over 1,000 councils around the United States and Puerto Rico, LULAC's programs, services and advocacy address the most important issues for Latinos, meeting critical needs of today and the future. For more information, visit the League of United Latin American Citizens website.

Student Council

Our student council (STUCO) program provides student leadership with representation from each grade level. The Council members act as a liaison between students and faculty. They are also responsible for planning and facilitating activities and services for students and their families and performing charitable acts and service for the community. In addition, the STUCO plans special recognition, as they build school spirit and pride within the student body. We hold student elections at the end of each school year for the upcoming school year.


If you want to be involved in preserving the memories your classmates will hold on to for a lifetime, yearbook is the place for you! Join us as we document the wonderful things about our school through photographs and writing.

Middle School student helping in Elementary

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