Our School

Our School is located in the town of Rio Rico, Arizona, approximately 15 miles north of the Mexican border town of Nogales and is part of the Santa Cruz Valley Unified School District.  Our school population is primarily of Hispanic heritage with a culture capital centered on family and community.

The adage "it takes a village to raise a child" in the context of education can be translated to, "It takes a professional learning community to effectively educate our students."  Here at Coatimundi Middle School we  strive to be an effective professional learning community.  We have been rewarded for our efforts by the Arizona Educational Foundation with an A+ Status in 2011.  The Arizona Educational Foundation created the A+ School of Excellence Program as a comprehensive school assessment tool to identify, celebrate, and recognize overall educational excellence in schools throughout Arizona.

Our mission and vision statements are our school's guiding forces.  All stakeholders must be involved in the learning process in order to be successful.


Our purpose is to provide a nurturing and safe school climate by building positive relationships, resulting in high academic and social achievement for ALL students



We prepare our students to become productive, lifelong learners, and responsible citizens.



  • Respect 

  • Collaboration

  • Growth mindset 

  • Accountability 

  • Teamwork 

  • Integrity

  • Perseverance

  • Hard Work 

  • Communication 

  • Positive Relationship

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